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Antiwar Haiku Contest Update Week Two

We have had scores of great haikus submitted by email and on social media. As it stands now we have more prizes lined up then submissions, so get your haikus in to and claim your free 3 month membership to as well as a chance to win some great prizes from some wonderful supporters of peace.

5 runners-up will receive a carabiner coffee mug and 10 mBTC bitcoin card from
If you are brand new to bitcoin and need a safe place to hold your bitcoins, this mobile app is easy to use and very familiar to the on line banking tools you would be familiar with.

5 runners-up will receive a sticker pack from It drove our friends at Purse mad that first place winner would receive less bitcoin than the 2nd place winner so they have chipped in a signed copy of Age of Cryptocurrency to the first prize winner. If you’re looking for a place to spend your bitcoin, you can save as much as 20% off Amazon items simply by shopping with

5 runners-up will receive a copy of the book, Peace, Love, Liberty from Students For Liberty.
Students for Liberty is the best resource for students to learn about the ideas of a free society and with a large student network it’s likely they have a chapter on your campus.

5 runners-up will receive a lapel pin courtesy of If you want to find out who can be trusted and who can’t in the crypto currency space, Coin Jabber is a great rating and review site for the crypto community. You can also earn bitcoins by leaving a review of your favorite sites and organizations or leaving feedback of negative experiences of sites to warn others.

3 runners-up will receive a T-shirt and stickers from the Free State Project.
The free State Project is a leading example of libertarianism in action. If you need more liberty minded people in your life and want to live a free as you can, get out of Doge and find liberty in your life time in New Hampshire.

Top prizes: The top 3 prizes of 0.5, 0.7, 0.5 Bitcoin have been donated by Tim Frey of Roberts and Roberts Brokerage Inc. Tim has been a long time supporter, donor and advertiser on Along with supporting this contest, Tim is putting his money where his heart is this winter by pledging all the profit from his sales on Armistice Day, Black Friday and any sale through December 23rd with coupon code “PeaceOnEarth” to

Tim agrees with Randolph Bourne that war is the health of the state and has added that banking is its sustenance. Roberts and Roberts backs up this belief by not taking credit cards for gold and silver purchases and prefers Bitcoin over all other fiat currency payment types.

Learn more about Tim’s offer to donate to on his blog and be sure to check out all the other great sponsors of peace and this contest on their own sites.

A huge thank you to The Crypto Show, The YouMeandBTC podcast, Free Talk Live, The Daily Decrypt, and Students for Liberty for all the help getting the word out about the contest.

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