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Bitcoin Celebration Week at Sovereign Living

Liberty activists John Bush and Catherine Bleish have a lot of irons in the fire these days. The newly formed Center For Natural Living has several projects in the works and most pressing is a very ambitious plan to produce a made for TV reality show called Sovereign Living. The first episode of the show is available for free on youtube and having seen the first 2 episodes at PorcFest X this past summer I assure you it’s a must see! A very sharp production team Karmakaze Productions is filming and producing the 12 episode long first season and aims to be done in the summer of 2014. The first 4 episodes are in the can but the cast and crew have turned to crowd funding to make the remaining episodes happen.

While the donation drive to fund this project is done in dollars on IndieGoGo the crew announced special perks for those willing do contribute in Bitcoin!

Sovereign Living’s goal is to detach from centralized institutions and find a plausible way to lead a voluntary and natural life. Bitcoin by definition is a crypto-currency that is completely decentralized. It functions free from government intervention (not saying its counterparts are immune to the man) and allows for voluntary exchange across borders, towns, and various businesses. It’s also a wonderful way for us to grow our farm. So help out by donating to our Indie Gogo Campaign.

Make sure to subscribe to their youtube page for more helpful tips each week!

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