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Bitcoin Not Bombs 2013 year in review podcast

Recently the BNB team got together to produce a Podcast for the open call. It’s likely we wont make the top 4 out of the incredible talented folks who also sent in a pilot shows so I thought I would post the audio here. The concept behind our production was a year in review/holiday special. Enjoy and have a happy new year!

Update: January 2nd, Our Podcast was added to the Lets Talk Bitcoin contest page and you can now vote for our show or any of the 16 other great podcast. See below for instructions. Note: The audio below is the original file intended for the contest but was altered for to skirt the intellectual property rights of Weird Al Yankovic.

BitcoinNotBombs 2013 Year in Revie

We need your support to win! The winner will be determined by how many 0.0001 BTC donations are receive to the following address. In an update in the comments section of the LTB contest page a 0.001 BTC tip would count as 10 votes, so giving more can help us win, but I don’t mind doing this the hard way, we have a lot of supporters đŸ˜‰

To help us out, do one or all of the following:

1. Listen to the podcast above.
2. Donate 0.0001 bitcoin to the following address: 13jFhJqxuBudvuChfyiqTM7FrQEzAuaNzs (click for QR code)
3. Share this blog post with your friends!


For a more complete year in review, check out this website some guy named Satoshi Nakamoto sent me today.


My name is Satoshi Nakamoto and I am the webmaster at

I created to track the evolution of Bitcoin and to provide an illustrated overview of everything that has happened in the world of Bitcoin since I put that shit on the map.

I think your readers would absolutely love this and I know it would absolutely bring in traffic. Take a look and judge for yourself. It’s material for a great “end of the year” post.= )

Please let me know if you would be interested in featuring the site in a story or even giving it a passing mention.


Mr. Nakamoto

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