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BREAKING: Sean’s Outpost Under Attack on Birthday

Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach turned one year old today. In the span of one year, we have fed 60,000 meals to the homeless people in the Pensacola area, secured a nine acre property with plans to open a campground for those in need of a safe area to stay, and opened a thrift store all through Bitcoin donations. The community of Bitcoiners has been extremely generous and supportive, and real progress is being made.

Unfortunately, we are under attack by the City of Pensacola and the Board of County Commissioners for doing the right thing. The city and county have repeatedly stood in our way and hindered our efforts through trumped up citations and now with no prior notice, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners authorized the county attorney to file an injunction on Sean’s Outpost. This was passed with a 3-0 “vote” with commissioners absent. Rick Outzen of Independent News covered this clandestine action. We have done everything in our power to abide by the law and follow all regulations, and may be about to be subpoenaed during a time where our land use attorney is out of town and Mike, myself, and our civil rights attorney Ali-stair will also be out of town this weekend. If they file an emergency injunction, we will have only 48 hours to appear.

This is not a coincidence.

Hopefully, it will not be an emergency injunction and we will have more time to prepare our case. The allegations being made against Satoshi Forest are falsified and we have video (coming soon) of the magistrate being threatened with termination for her role in siding with Sean’s Outpost in prior quasi-judicial meetings. There is a county commission meeting this Thursday and next Tuesday is another magistrate meeting. As of now a health inspector and code enforcer are being paid every week to inspect the property and no violations have been reported; in fact in the latest report it was written that the property has remained clean and orderly and is not in violation of any laws.

The matter has been added to the agenda of the Escambia County Commission and a vote will take place shortly. These are simply bold faced lies about “continued code enforcement violations.” I will be interviewing Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost tonight to get more clarification on the matter.

18 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sean’s Outpost Under Attack on Birthday

  1. Get a State Judge to issue an injuction against enforcement of this action by the Country Board

    1. Thanks for your input, Andreas. We are looking at all options and have an awesome attorney who pulls no punches. We’ll do what we have to do. The good news is that the more they do stuff like this, the worse they look. It doesn’t get much worse than being known as “the town that steals blankets from the homeless.”

    2. I think Andreas has the right idea.

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  3. Hopefully more people come to realize that the government is not your friend.


  5. Be strong and stay focused. This resistance that they are putting up can only mean one thing, that they are afraid. Do not give an inch. You have more support than you know.

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  8. This sounds like a good case for the “Institute for Justice” to look into. They provide free legal help.

  9. Is there a status update? are there phone numbers, or fax numbers or links you can post so people can follow up and express our support for your position to the decisionmakers??

    1. There will be an evidenciary hearing April 15th that I will be filming. We have been allowed a continuance, but the county is trying to make the case that we are in violation.

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