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It Still Doesn’t Matter Who Satoshi Is

*This article first appeared on Airbitz.


The Bitcoin-sphere has been a-buzz about clumsy revelations that Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. I refuse to link to the pieces in mind as these the authors clearly care more about getting clicks than making sure their claims are valid.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.57.33 PM

Since the accusation, Wright’s Australian residence was broken into in an allegedly unrelated raid and the Dr. has deleted blog posts and his Twitter account. The reasons for his departure from public life are obvious: if someone said you were sitting on 1.1 million bitcoin (about $460 million) then you’d go into hiding too. Aside from government thugs targeting you, common thieves would also be interested in your stash. For someone who has a family like Dr. Wright, the prospect must be terrifying.

The most revealing the identity of Satoshi can accomplish is the disruption of the accused individual’s life and possibly even threats to it. I’m quick to scoff at claims that this person or that person is Satoshi because 1. it doesn’t matter for the tech to work efficiently and 2. “journalism” today is rife with errors because it prioritizes clicks over the integrity of the content. The same is true of most news reported, the first reports are usually riddled with errors and the actual corrections come later after attention is grabbed by misleading and flashy headlines. Until we learn to ignore these “breaking” flashy headlines and wait for the full picture to come out, I don’t see the state of journalism or independent research improving.

But whether or not Dr. Wright is Satoshi or an elaborate hoaxer, it still matters as little as it always has. Despite claims that we need a figurehead to come back and influence consensus the truth is Satoshi disappeared for a reason. The technology he/she/they gave us transcends individuals and ideology. The message that was left was one of decentralization and financial autonomy–Satoshi didn’t want to lead anymore than he wanted us to follow.

To use a holiday analogy, Satoshi is a bit like the ultimate Santa only he does actually exist and the gift he left us with can benefit millions of people around the world. And he doesn’t eat all your cookies and milk. Satoshi isn’t a god or some savior–just a cypherpunk that wants us to be free. Bitcoin has no leader and shouldn’t. Calls for his return miss this crucial point and misunderstand the fundamental philosophies inherent in Bitcoin technology.

Dorian Nakamoto’s life was nearly ruined because Newsweek decided to push out a half baked story and every time “journalists” make these inaccurate claims they cause irreversible damage. Don’t take the bait and remember “Waiting is, until fullness.” And fullness has been here for years through the tech not the man.

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Airbitz Welcomes M.K. Lords as Community Manager

Managing editor M.K. Lords has accepted a position at Airbitz as their new Community Manager. She’s beyond stoked about this opportunity and will be moving across the country to work with one of the best Bitcoin start ups in the space!


San Diego, CA—Bitcoin startup Airbitz is pleased to welcome M.K. Lords to the team as their Community Manager. M.K. is a prominent voice for privacy and accountability in the Bitcoin space and she brings her diverse experience in public speaking, writing, event organization and content creation to assist in spreading the values of the Airbitz team.

M.K. is known as the managing editor of Bitcoin Not Bombs, panelist on The Bitcoin Group, writer for publications such as Bitcoin Magazine, host of the interview show Crypto Convos, and as the co-organizer of the conferences Bitcoin in the Beltway and Coins in the Kingdom. She also brings knowledge from the financial industry as the office and media manager for precious metals brokerage Roberts & Roberts.

She said of the new opportunity, “I’m thrilled to be a part of the Airbitz team because it’s rare that you find an organization that embraces the core values featured in Satoshi’s White Paper along with the ease of use needed to encourage mainstream adoption of Bitcoin. I’m very impressed with the work Airbitz has done to balance privacy, decentralization, and simplicity in their wallet and look forward to using my skills to take Airbitz to the next level.”

She joins Will Pangman, fellow panelist on The Bitcoin Group and advisor to Tapeke, as a new addition to Airbitz. Chief Operating Officer Rick “Henri” Chan remarked, “We are very excited to welcome M.K. to the Airbitz family. She brings real world Bitcoin experience, incredible can-do energy, and a variety of social media skills. M.K. is a fabulous addition as our Community Manager.”

“I’m beyond excited about the opportunity to work with M.K. to help drive adoption of bitcoin and Airbitz. She is well a respected personality in the bitcoin and freedom based community, and her vast experience with both video and written content creation, event planning, and public speaking bring incredible value to the Airbitz team. While M.K.’s relevant skills and experience align very well with our company needs, it’s the alignment of her core beliefs and values of the bitcoin ecosystem that make her a powerful fit to help craft and drive our company vision going forward.” said CEO and co-founder Paul Puey.

About Airbitz

Airbitz is a company dedicated to increasing bitcoin adoption around the world while staying true to the decentralized principles behind blockchain technology. The Airbitz bitcoin mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices and combines a familiar and friendly experience with powerful edge-security that users can trust even with limited knowledge of the underlying technology. To find out more visit


M.K. Lords:


M.K. at Bitcoin in the Beltway with The Bitcoin Group
M.K. at Bitcoin in the Beltway with The Bitcoin Group
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Airbitz Welcomes Will Pangman as Marketing Manager

Friend of Bitcoin Not Bombs Will Pangman has joined the Airbitz team as their new Marketing Manager. We extend a warm congratulations to him and think he’s a perfect fit for an excellent company that values privacy and security.

San Diego, CAAirbitz announced today that Will Pangman is joining their team to help the Bitcoin mobile wallet startup grow its userbase and proliferate its message. Will brings his full sector knowledge, deep network, and relentless optimism to a company poised to capture the next wave of Bitcoin adoption.

For the past year, Will served as COO of the Bitcoin personal finance app, Tapeke, where he remains an advisor. He’s also a frequent guest on the World Crypto Network’s weekly live panel show, The Bitcoin Group. Will has contributed to the Bitcoin Foundation’s Education Committee, the College Cryptocurrency Network, and Digital Chamber’s Bitcoin Education Day on Capitol Hill. As a principled advocate of autonomy, edge-security, and privacy-by-default, he is committed to working with other industry leaders at the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project and Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium to develop standards that preserve Bitcoin as Satoshi envisioned at large scale.

As the founder of Bitcoin Milwaukee, a 150+ member community advocacy organization that conducted outreach and education campaigns, Will is known for his efforts spreading Bitcoin awareness across a wide range of demographics. The engagement strategies he spearheaded in southeastern Wisconsin were replicated by meetups and community groups all over North America. Will thrives outside of the echo chamber exposing new minds to the power of distributed networks and the implications of cryptocurrency on the Midwest Real podcast, The Rundown Live, David Seaman Hour, Tragedy and Hope, a TEDx talk, and others. His ability to reach diverse audiences on their wavelength and awaken their curiosity is an asset Airbitz is eager to leverage to deliver its technology stack to the masses.

Will shares, “For over a year now, I have been a huge admirer of the team Airbitz has assembled and the product they’ve built. Their commitment to values I hold dear has always given me confidence as a user, but their ability to invent and execute makes this group truly special. Airbitz is one of the most unsung yet solidly positioned Bitcoin companies. I am humbled to join this fantastic team and surging with excitement to help Airbitz realize its potential.”

Airbitz CEO Paul Puey remarks, “The Airbitz team is extremely excited to have Will join our team and lead our marketing efforts Will brings extensive experience in driving bitcoin education and awareness and has proven his ability by creating one of the most successful bitcoin meetups in the world in his home town of Milwaukee, WI. Will can understand and communicate this complex ecosystem while also showing his true passion for the financial, political, and social change that can be empowered by bitcoin. He is a true believer that perfectly fits and complements the team here at Airbitz.”

About Airbitz

Airbitz is a company dedicated to increasing bitcoin adoption around the world while staying true to the decentralized principles behind blockchain technology. The Airbitz bitcoin mobile app is available on Apple and Android devices and combines a familiar and friendly experience with powerful edge-security that users can trust even with limited knowledge of the underlying technology. To find out more visit


Will Pangman
Twitter: @Willwaukee

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Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom

September 2014
M.K. Lords


Coins in the Kingdom Brings Magical Internet Money to the Magic Kingdom

 (ORLANDO, FL) The College Crypto Network has teamed up with Jason King of Sean’s Outpost and M.K. Lords of Bitcoin Not Bombs to bring the exciting world of bitcoin to the happiest place on earth—Disney World. Coins in the Kingdom will be a two day bitcoin conference in Orlando, FL on October 4th and 5th followed by an escape into Disney World on October 6th.

The conference will bring together the brightest minds in the bitcoin space, but also feature activities for kids and educational workshops for those new to the technology. After hearing demand for an affordable, accessible bitcoin conference, organizers made sure to keep ticket prices low to encourage new attendees—you can attend the two day conference for only $60 with hotel rooms available for $99 or get a VIP package that includes entry into Disney World on the 6th, conference attendance, a hotel room, and a Coins in the Kingdom t-shirt all for the price of one ticket to many other conferences.

The theme is a fun one as it will take place in the heart of Downtown Disney in the lovely Wyndham Hotel, and the conference itself will feature intimate panels that allow for more audience interaction. Featured speakers include Pamela Morgan, Jeffrey Tucker, Jason King, Charlie Shrem, Bruce Fenton, Paige Peterson, and Andreas Antonopoulos, and the topics will cover a wide range of possibilities with blockchain technology. Panels and talks will explore everything from best security practices to bitcoin media to how bitcoin can be used in political campaigns with Libertarian Party candidates Lucas Overby and Adrian Wyllie.

Organizers hope that the whimsical environment of Disney will bring bitcoin to a new audience and are playing up the notion that bitcoin is still seen by many as “magical internet money” which is a fitting name given the enthusiasm bitcoiners have for the cryptocurrency. Other functions of the Bitcoin protocol will be explored during this conference as many are unaware that currency is only the beginning of what blockchain technology offers, though there promises to be enough magical internet money sharing to make Scrooge McDuck envious.

For the full line up and to purchase tickets, visit:

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On the CoIntellect Cloudhashing Scam and the Currency of Reputation

My friend Nathan Wosnack of uBITquity recently got in touch with me to alert the community of a potential scammer. The cloudhashing site CoIntellect was going to hire him to explore a bug in their software that clients were complaining stole Bitcoin and Dogecoin from users who downloaded it. As he was researching, he discovered several sources claiming that CoIntellect was scamming people and concluded that the Estonia based company was indeed stealing coins from people. He quit promptly and alerted many other media outlets, but the scam raises deeper questions about trust around a trustless protocol. I started this post to raise awareness about the scam, but found it had already been covered sufficiently, so instead I opted to opine about other bothersome conditions surfacing in the Bitcoin space.

Justice can come swiftly in crypto-world, but can also be uncertain. With new projects popping up all the time, it can be difficult to discern con artists from idealists. We must be more vigilant in exposing these scams than even better known scams such as those perpetuated by the legacy banking system. Yes, in truly freed markets you may see a propensity for swifter action in regard to scams, but we’re operating within a mixed system that combines purists, idealists, realists, and opportunists all tainted with the remnants of a dying, corrupt, yet entrenched system. The ability to generate a lot of capital is ripe in the space and with new, more vulnerable people entering everyday it is in some ways a con artist’s paradise.

So, how do we deal with the internal problems caused by opportunists? Part of the solution comes down to taking back the narrative by any means necessary. Along with the protocol, we are ushering in a new era of speech and media. If the legacy banking system must go, so must the legacy media system that distorts instead of reports. Bitcoin combined with easily accessible blogging has created opportunities to speak out against threats external and internal and it is imperative that we utilize this speech to its utmost capabilities. We also have to be a better source of information than the corporate media. Our standards must be higher to bolster credibility but already we are seeing the same lazy approach infiltrating Bitcoin media sites. With great ease comes great responsibility despite examples of the contrary.

However, we’re also seeing these standards upheld decentrally by individual bloggers, as the Cointellect scam revealed. You also saw maverick reporters during the MtGox fiasco and other controversies. It has been my experience that people involved in Bitcoin tend to be more skeptical than your average person and this has led to decent quality investigations into scams before; hopefully this trend continues. It takes principled people to expose corruption among Bitcoiners, and these are the people who must be sought out and elevated instead of those with the ability to inject quick and easy money (and influence?) into the space.

We’re well acquainted with lies and misrepresentations from large media sources and to let the same laziness or outright malice infiltrate this very tiny space is unconscionable. Yes, I’m saying we should know better. Bitcoiners need to not only contribute balanced, correct information for their points but also demand it. If we don’t turn the microscope on ourselves and uphold each other to certain journalistic and ethical standards then there’s no reason to not just allow Bitcoin to be absorbed by the current regulatory regime. There won’t be any financial freedom for the people if we’re not careful to weed out the parasites now.

Reputation is a more valuable currency in this emerging paradigm and its tendrils reach to all aspects of the space whether you’re a journalist, trader, start up founder, exchange, venture capitalist, or any other role within the greater Bitcoin milieu. Focusing on quality not quantity of people can also be a safeguard, but Bitcoin’s nature brings all kinds and can reach a wider amount of people than can possibly handle the responsibility. Guard your heart so to speak and be slow to make allies based on a tenuous affiliation. I don’t want more excuses for regulators to enter the space because of perceived (though on a much smaller scale comparably) corruption.

There aren’t enough Bitcoins nor should there be to buy off broken reputations and our accountability power comes in the form of stern disassociation and swift condemnation of corrupt practices. Let’s hope this practice is actually applied because now is the time to do it while things are still relatively new and reputations are a bit more fluid. We can also learn from the overlap of people active in the larger liberty movement whether politically or externally, which I find has failed at applying the principles of disassociation to people with questionable and sometimes provable corrupt reputations. In some ways, it may be too late to mitigate the damage done by shysters who were accepted with open arms because they labelled themselves “libertarian” or “anarchist.”

For now the tools for weeding out corruption are in analog mode compared to the advances promised by blockchain technology, but they work. I also believe that with persistence, we’ll see better technologies emerge to provide indisputable evidence of wrongdoing–indeed we already are. Multisig accounts are able to prevent corruption before it happens in corporate environments, and while we are often a few steps behind when scandal erupts the gap is closing. Transparency is growing, and blockchain technology is leading the way in innovations that can prove even small disputes over something like original authorship which can have larger implications like verifying evidence inconclusively. The onus of course is on people to utilize these functions themselves and while that’s hardly a problem with honest people, those who wish to harm others have no such desire. So, for now the usual methods of sleuthing and due diligence will work until these innovations become more widely used.

To conclude, those who have principles and are willing to sacrifice monetary gain for reputation like Nathan should keep on keeping on, but we have to be bulldogs (or perhaps honey badgers) about the corruption we suspect regardless of who is involved. Internal corruption will give the ammo needed to justify external regulation if we don’t kill our idols early and often.

**UPDATE: CoIntellect has issued an official response to the accusations which can be read here.

Original content by Meghan, copyleft, tips welcome at

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Gary Franchi interviews M.K. Lords on Bitcoin in the Beltway

With Bitcoin in the Beltway promising to bring some radicals into the heart of D.C., it has drawn the attention of some media outlets. Gary Franchi of the Next News Network sat down with M.K. Lords to discuss the revolutionary technology of Bitcoin and the upcoming conference. Gary asked some great questions in the interview which you can view below.

Original content by Meghan, copyleft, tips welcome

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Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to Make Waves in Washington D.C.

May 2014
Contact: M.K. Lords


Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to Make Waves in Washington D.C.

(Washington, D.C.) This year has seen a rise in the amount of Bitcoin conferences, but one in particular is priding itself on featuring the most radical movers and shakers in the Bitcoin community while also putting charity center stage. Boasting such rebels as Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne,’s Angela Keaton, and Blockchain’s Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin in the Beltway will be highlighting the most disruptive elements of blockchain technology in the heart of government regulation—Washington D.C.

Jason King, founder of Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach, came up with the idea of the conference. Sean’s Outpost has been one of the most inspiring bitcoin charities, delivering 60,000 meals to the homeless in the Pensacola area in one year. The co-chair of Bitcoin in the Beltway is Elizabeth Ploshay of the Bitcoin Foundation, who is also known for her great work with bitcoin charity projects. A keynote panel comprised of Jason King, Davi Barker, Andreas Antonopoulos, and M.K. Lords will be discussing the broken nonprofit system and how blockchain technology can provide better solutions.

“I come from a technology background out of the start-up technology world, and there’s a concept of methodology there that a small team of highly trained, efficient people can knock an incumbent off of their seat by being more focused and result oriented, so we’re trying to apply that same thing to philanthropy and nonprofits.”—Jason King of Sean’s Outpost in a Bitcoin Not Bombs interview.

Music will be another feature of the conference. Bitcoin in the Beltway will feature the talented Tatiana Moroz, creator of the infectious Bitcoin Jingle, DJ/hacker extraordinaire YT Cracker, and Zhou Tonged, also known as the bitcoin world’s Weird Al Yankovich.

The conference will take place June 20-22nd at The Marriott Renaissance DC Downtown. Tickets can be purchased at and 10% of proceeds go to Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach. You don’t want to miss this revolutionary event built around the most exciting technology since the internet.

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Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law and M.K. Lords discuss Blockchain Fueled Smart Law

Blockchain technology is changing the way we think of finance, payment systems, currency, charity, and even governance. Pamela Morgan runs Empowered Law, a law firm that focuses on dispute resolution and corporate contracts that takes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their services.

The legal profession is mired with classism that divides the guilty and innocent by income and there are several movements to reform the system. Pamela’s focus with her practice as a lawyer and professor is challenging laws and ideas; there can be no social justice when there are unjust laws. Whether they are laws that ruin people lives for engaging in nonviolent, victimless “crime” or they are preventing lives from being improved in the form of prohibitive business regulations, laws in this country have gotten progressively more ridiculous. The U.S. houses 25% of the world’s prison population despite making 5% of the world’s population. For a country that prides itself on its first world status, the prisons that trap these people are barbaric.

Pamela wants to change that. By decreasing the centralized state control over contracts, for example, people can more effectively come to property arrangements. She mentions the usage of multisig accounts for corporations that prevent embezzlement by executives; this is just one of many possibilities with blockchain technology in regard to corporate governance and transparency.

Blockchain technology has the potential to not just reform the current injustice system, but to replace it.

What would the world be like if we could write our own laws into a blockchain? If, instead of submitting to morally unjust laws, we designed our own legal system moderated by blockchain technology? We explore these questions in the interview below.

You can follow Pamela on Twitter: @pamelawjd

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The Texas Bitcoin Conference

Pictures from the Texas Bitcoin Conference.

First up, the TSA

Who said woman don’t Bitcoin.

If you are attending the conference please come say hi at booth number 21. We will be sharing a space with and Fr33 Aid. Meghan will be moderating a charity panel at 9am on Thursday morning, and Sean’s Outpost will be hosting a charity luncheon at 12:20pm that afternoon. We also hope to see you at the first ever Bitcoincert!

Learn More here: and here:

Follow: @BitcoinNotBombs @mklords and @MuslimAgorist for tweets from Texas.

If you would like to help us defray the cost of traveling please feel free to chip in to the address below. Thanks!



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Another Gun In the Room

GunInTheRoomThis is an open source song writing project. I’ve written some lyrics, and now I’m releasing them out into the wild. If you’re musically inclined please feel free to put them to music. Change the words if you like. Do whatever you want. I’ve done all I can, so someone else has got to finish it.

Another Gun In the Room
by Bit Floyd

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