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Circumvent the Beast this Holiday Season


Megan from Silver Circle sent me a press release with a fantastic title, so I’m stealing it. She wrote, Circumvent the beast this holiday season on Black Market Friday (Nov. 29th)! to promote the Rebel Packages they’ve got in the Silver Circle Store. It seems great minds think alike. On one hand the Agorists and Voluntaryists have rebranded the biggest shopping day of the year “Black Market Friday,” and on the other hand the bitcoiners of world are calling the same day “Bitcoin Friday” and offering their holiday deals in the bitcoin economy. But the message is the same, if you’re trying to spread peace on Earth and good will toward men, don’t do it with war dollars.

Starting at 8am CST on  November 29th, 2013 Silver Circle will begin accepting Bitcoin and Silver to celebrate “Black Market Friday,” a term coined by radio host Ernie Hancock of Freedom’s Phoenix. The goal is to promote the use of alternative currencies. Bitcoin Friday is a holiday shopping extravaganza just for Bitcoin users when hundreds of merchants are offering special deals to anyone paying in Bitcoin. This dovetails quite nicely with our #HoodieTheHomeless pre-orders, although we only accept Bitcoin.

The Silver Circle Holiday Packages give you discounted options to get the most “bang for your Bit.” The  Zoe’s Pick includes the Silver Circle graphic novel, BluRay, DVD, 10 pieces of our .10 ozt silver rounds, and two custom bumper stickers for $75.00, or the equivalent in Bitcoin. The Rebel Pack includes the graphic novel, DVD, 2 .10 ozt silver  Rebel rounds and two bumpers stickers for only$40.  Check out their online store. Given the current Bitcoin rally, it may be the best holiday deal you’ll find, and although the movie is about silver, the characters echo all the principles of monetary freedom that are so important to bitcoiners, so it’s a great way to introduce friends and family to some of these ideas. They’ll even gift wrap it for you.

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