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Last call for the BitCon: 2013 Bitcoin Not Bombs t-shirts


The BitCon: 2013 conference was a huge success for Bitcoin Not Bombs and the organizations we were there supporting. We almost sold out of t-shirts, and did run out of many sizes. The black shirts are completely gone. And all the proceeds went to Fr33 Aid, the Free State Project, and

We’re going to do one reprint in time for PorcFest and then we’re going to move on to something else. We’re retiring this bomber design, and probably won’t use the word cloud again either. So, if you want this shirt you aught to get in on the pre-orders now!

Place your order in our online store.

We’re going to place the reprint order midday Monday. So, get your pre-orders in before midnight Sunday. Otherwise we can’t guarantee¬†we’ll have any left.

2 thoughts on “Last call for the BitCon: 2013 Bitcoin Not Bombs t-shirts

  1. I really really want to buy some of these t-shirts please!

  2. Davi,

    I just got the Bitcoin not Bombs T-shirt. Thanks.

    One negative comment: The back is atrocious. Everyone’s got to eat, but the ads overwhelm the slogan. That slogan is the point of the whole shirt! It’s sad, because the front is so strikingly beautiful.

    At least, put a little space between the slogan and the ads next time, OK?

    Good luck in all you’re doing.

    Dan Kuttner

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