Anarcho Hyphen Flag pins, Assorted colors


  • Orange: Mutualist, Crypto, Surrealist
  • Yellow: Market Anarchists, Agorists, Voluntaryists
  • Red: Communist, Syndicalist
  • Green: Eco, Naturist, Primitivist
  • Blue: Transhumanis
  • Purple: Gender Egalitarian, Feminist
  • Pink: Queer, LGBT
  • White: Pacifist, Christian
  • Black: Black Flag the band stupid.
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Quality Die-struck Embossed Lapel Pins; These pins are made by hand-brushing colored enamel into the recesses of a die-struck metal pin. Then the pin is baked in a kiln for durability and polished to protect the lustrous jewelry-like finish.

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Black


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