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And the winners are… #AntiwarHaiku

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#AntiwarHaiku Contest results.

The contest is over and the results are in. Just under 100 people sent in a total of 415 Haikus, Some people wrote non traditional haiku’s and some might have missed the Pro Peace theme but all are very good and are all listed here uncensored. Thanks again to our sponsors and everyone who participated, we will take some time to judge them all but will announce the winners before the 25th. Stay tuned and enjoy!


1 Peace will never see, the light of day in a world, where war is Plan A
2 Dropping more bombs in, “humanitarian wars”, makes all peace undone
3 An age of people, with freedom from debt to kings, will swallow up war
4 Perpetual war, will never be able to, secure lasting peace
5 The pursuit of peace, is a denial that war, is how one should live
6 The power hungry, will always choose war at the, expense of people
7 Jeb, no more monkeys / jumping on the bed; we’ve had / enough Bushes. – Mom
8 Running from the guns, Eyes that would kill penetrate, Our humanity
9 A little body / Washes up on a far shore / We *weep helplessly.*
10 ​Those who kill in hate, have already lost the war, Peace and love will win. ​
11 The world turns slowly, watching the madness of man, fearing its future.
12 stacks of body bags, their war was never ending, more stacks and more bags
13 profit on both sides, can’t believe you are so blind, happens all the time
14 first came the problem, next came the obvious reaction, and the solution
15 the tragedy lies, every opportunity, tragedy inside
16 believe in physics, or imaginary things, still 3 buildings, 2 planes
17 they say plane a crashed, no engines bodies and seats, then there is no plane
18 see that pile of goo, it used to be your friend’s face, no friend with no face
19 War produces no / Positive things in the world / Only tyranny
20 Nonaggression is / The path a to peaceful life / So we should follow
21 This veteran hopes / Aggressive evil wars will stop / Killing our children
22 A gun salute is, Of little comfort for a, Fallen soldiers child
23 Hypocritical, Monsters Idealism, Threatens Existence
24 Stop All The Bloodshed, Ideology Is Sick, No One Ever Wins
25 Gone Is My Mother, My Family Is No More, Just War And Just Me
26 I Can’t Stand The Sound, No More Villagers Around, As Alone As Death
27 Rational thought stops, The black cloud of death blankets, The sky overhead
28 I’m told to hate them, Though they’ve done nothing to me, The world needs more love
29 Drone operators, They are getting your pity, What about the moms
30 Should not escalate, More are injured than willing, Healing before doom.
31 Take off the armour, Re-sheath the sword’s engagement, And peace move towards.
32 We cooperate, Share resources equally, Survive together.
33 Non-in-ter-ven-tion, Just count to five and choose it, Before you drop bombs
34 War: always careless, and never limited to, intended targets.
35 How many wars have, been fought for something other, than sway and control?
36 All nuclear weapons, in the hands of state powers, guarantee mass death.
37 Mass devastation, at the behest of madmen, “preserves our freedom”?
38 The State needs subjects, to burden, tax, and control, the pretext for war
39 Expunge liberties, Dehumanize innocents: a “war on terror”
40 Why start other wars, when they never seek to end, the ones from before?
41 Bang! Bang! Bang! You’re dead, That makes me right and you wrong, See: history books.
42 The innocent die, Liberties wane, the state grows, The arms business booms
43 Ever we rebuild, with the slowness we should’ve, reserved for ruin.
44 Fire kissed the sky, with a hiss and screen of smoke, swords into ploughshares.
45 Endless and without, Mercy- look forward and see, Brighter days of peace
46 A drone skyward whirs, Hellfire missiles target, Children scream and die
47 Late days, late the hours, Leviathan takes, devours, Scorched earth, vile powers.
48 Oh, great taxation, Gone late renunciation, State abdication.
49 Bank slide, undenied, Master State, unbridled hate, Then, Light dispels Night.
50 Why do the young fight, Old violent men’s lust-wars, Where they die, and hurt?
51 One man awake can. Can turn the world upside down. Down false powers fall.
52 Usurpation of, Human action. Degrading, Alienation.
53 Dark the night waring. Longing for relief soaring. Morning Light dawning.
54 Dark the waring night. Now, introduction of Light. Hearts’ cry, peace in sight.
55 Let few have their war. Leave many to joy in peace. Show those few the door.
56 When the hotline bling, Think about what peace can bring, The best of all things
57 Manipulation. Abysmal degradation. Alienation.
58 Appreciation. Individuality. Emancipation.
59 Beautification, -no war- rejuvenation. Exhilaration.
60 Wound, separation. Found reconciliation. Oh! Jubilation!
61 One beautifully, One jurisprudentially, Reciprocally.
62 Need not pull heartstrings, Refuse to kill foreigners, For government ends
63 “War is a racket”, General Smedley Butler, Just Google his speech.
64 “One needs not destroy Once the soul is detached The rest falls away”
65 “Death comes, not ceasing For the reaper is now paid For the body count”
66 “We create villains And write all of the screenplays To sold-out showrooms”
67 “Town decimated Destroyed and devastated Death, recreated”
68 “Don’t you look away From all your casualties You made this day.”
69 “Destruction device Never thought you’d disobey Now’s the time; decide.”
70 The bubbling brook tries, Hard to stay within it’s banks, despite evil’s ways
71 raging bullets fly, missiles rain, innocents die, war is cancer. sigh.
72 Be without hatred, Be a force without forcing, Be without warring
73 Treat others with love. Always love one another. Repeat until done.
74 Again they will cry, “This war will usher in peace”, It’s always a lie.
75 Love your enemies, Pray for your persecutors, Blessed are peacemakers.
76 Blessed are peacemakers, Not democracy soldiers, (No, they’re not the same)
77 In regard to war, Are there reasons weaker than, We must do *something*?
78 The Hawk sleeps soundly, As he dreams of another, War to end all wars
79 Another man down, Profits are up this quarter, Another man down
80 The antiwar scene, Is without liberals now. Fuck you Obama
81 Justin Raimondo. His work’s irreplaceable. AntiWardotCom
82 Drone chief Obama, Has killed women and children, But Bush hated blacks.
83 On Nine-Eleven, We thought history started. But that blowback though…
84 Radical Islam, Is often used as the blame. Thanks a lot Fox News.
85 Drone strikes in Yemen. Just watch the Kardashians. Nothing to see here.
86 Wasting of the precious lives, Always by the powers, Relentless at war
87 expand the empire / go fight for your motherland / human sacrifice
88 I’m not a killer / Conscientious Objector / I am not at war!
89 “War is Over!” if you / want it, said John Lennon / and Bitcoin Not Bombs
90 flying sky robots / killing innocent people / Obama’s drone war
91 There is no just war, intentional earthquakes, Just war is just war
92 As the old sun sets / on the empire at long last / a new peace is born
93 When the war drums beat, Liberty begins to weep, As tyranny creeps
94 Bomb the Middle East. Pretend they were unprovoked. Bomb the Middle East.
95 Two men with children, Wives, friends, obey their rulers, And kill each other.
96 We fight and destroy, We obey and give our lives, While some men get rich.
97 Individuals! We have the capacity, To end Tyrrany
98 “Peace to all on Earth”, It’s not just for Christmas cards. Love will save the day.
99 Bomb them all, he said. But they’re not all bad, I said. Get to know them first.
100 Bombs solving problems? What damage inside caused you, to give up on love?
101 Fire, death, suffering, Vanquished by love and kindness. We are all human
102 A person cannot, Authorize bombing and death, If he has known love
103 Judge each to his own, For war always punishes, Those who did no wrong
104 there were so many, crumpled flags under our feet, when we were younger
105 Stop the NRA, Start a petition, Stand against gun violence
106 A white dove sits still, in the shadow of a club, waiting to be free
107 Peaceniks on the move, educate no war, because they believe in peace
108 War jewels in morning, rest in the cemetery, as our lives condense.
109 when war lifts its head, and bloodshed covers the land, blue becomes my hue
110 when heaven is late, and war continues, even the birds are silent.
111 old men dodged service, bravely ship some young to war, their valued kin safe
112 Western corruption Reckless power, lust, and greed. Children scream and die.
113 Their lies divide us, We point guns at each other, But we are the same
114 Faceless victims, man. What kind of state are we in? Perpetual war.
115 “War is a racket, People lose more than their lives, They lose their freedom”
116 One more mass shooting just business as usual in the USA
117 There’s a “war on drugs” but we don’t punish the drugs, we just lock up kids
118 All children deserve, the universal dream of, a world without war
119 We cannot undo, decades of interference. Education can.
120 As bullets trace their path, he covers her head and begs God to spare her.
121 It’s easier to pull a trigger than to bridge a cultural gap.\
122 Wishing for the death of another is easy when you don’t know them.
123 Have you? Have you used, The incantation of war, Saying, “I hate you”?
124 Have you? Have you used, The declaration of peace? It’s “I will love you.”
125 What’s within flows out- The earth shall they inherit, Peacemakers are blessed.
126 When coercion flew, Once upon a time ago, Then came hubris, too.
127 War’s what’s wanted least, Hearts and minds can slay this Beast, North, South, West, and East
128 Live love peace freedom, Avoid wars between fiefdoms, Destroy all kingdoms
129 Hoping for real peace, Longing for prosperity, Searching for one love
130 Peace begets more peace, Violence makes violence, Choose most carefully
131 There’s only one way, To make real the dream of peace, We must all unite.
132 Why do they hate us? Bombs and missiles raining down, Human worth denied
133 I live not for war, The human core is no more, All I breathe is war
134 “Let the doves fly high, find peace in blue, cloudless skies, and don’t shoot them down.”
135 Drone operators, They are getting your pity, What about the moms
136 I’m told to hate them, Though they’ve done nothing to me, The world needs more love
137 Winter has cometh, You all are already dead, Now we’ll watch it burn
138 a parachuter, from the four sides of the world, a weatherwane
139 the planes dropped bombs on, the monastery and the graveyards, willow tree and the bridge remained
140 sound of an airplane, fish jumped out of water, the boat is rocking
141 Perpetual war. Not the life I choose, for me, or for my two boys.
142 war destroys lives, peace promotes prosperity and wealth, lets try peace for once
143 War to Peace, All creation is Equal, Mankind Freed.
144 Shooting, so fun The rape is great Invading only five? Why not eight?
145 Lockheed prepares Profit reports Toyota truck army Ready for harvest
146 Brown people, Like cockroaches, Make good targets
147 DU lasts, Four billion years, Deformed babies, Collateral damage
148 My daughter’s wedding, A joyous occasion, The drone operator’s tea, Stained with blood
149 IBM processed campers, On work-detail for life, Back home we played, Baseball.
150 A prosthetic arm Small price you pay for police-state Freedom
151 No enemy too great, No terror cell too small, Your son sacrificed, My wine & cheese party
152 Security theater, This is war, on the home-front, No shoes or shampoo
153 America is, Number one, makes permanent, War on its sheeple
154 Petro dollars in, Great demand say our banksters, Gold dinar, a threat
155 Black sites and Gitmo, APA aided torture, All legal today
156 War is a racket, Smedley Butler forgotten? Not by Blackwater
157 Terrorism makes, New rules possible, a boot, Stomps us, forever
158 Junior high schools, Recruit new cannon fodder, It’s a job, ain’t it?
159 Death to al-Qaeda, Death to ISIS dupes thinking, They are not puppets.
160 Threat level orange. Shelter in place and trust us, Turn on another game.
161 Creel commission worked, Copied by Bernays and friends, Nayirah, great job.
162 Can’t bomb ISIS oil. Without their profits, who pays, For fake videos?
163 Reading headlines? Bank of International, Settlements, page ten
164 Kokesh went to kill. Imperial storm trooper, Now voice of freedom.
165 What if there were a, Government and nobody, Slaughtered for profits?
166 Dreaming, government, As a cabal of dragons, They like baby coffins.
167 Solving two issues, Refugees and homeless vets? Stop fucking bombing
168 War of Bush are wrong, Only those who employ drones, Receive a Peace Prize.
169 Once, you were active, Now, you voice has gone silent, Doves of the left gone.
170 My enemy is, Not those who wear uniform, But those who send them.
171 How does one define, The Theory of a Just War? Just another war.
172 Lord of creation, Multiply peace in this world, Andserenity
173 “See the bodies float, Wonder how I can stop it, Stop bombing children”
174 We warriors fight; Ah, not conventionally, Determinately.
175 The war on war is, Like no war worth fighting for, so let’s fight some more.
176 The State is evil, Rulers create pain and death, Nonintervention
177 Soldier let the rich, Do your thinking so that you, Can do their killing.
178 Fear leads to War, War leads to Man’s Suffering, Benefits the Bankers.
179 Peaceful written words. Thoughts that conquer hate and fear. Wishes for Christmas.
180 Abrogate true words; Away, away and away, With you will truth do.
181 That fear of failure, that only the strong survive, Join together and thrive!
182 We’re realizing, That we’re all the same, all one. Now, the wars will end.
183 Society has, arisen out of the works of peace, father of all things.
184 A violent cycle. Bombs away, it’s NOT ok. Do you see an end?
185 My generation, have you known the difference? Never-ending war.
186 The same old mantra: overthrow the regime, huh? We have lost ourselves.
187 Who is the despot? Abroad or domestic reign? Far too hard to tell.
188 I am in your land, We’re strangers with no quarrel, But I must obey.
189 Broken, the glass prison walls, of fear that compels us to shoot, Believe in choice freely made.
190 When left to free choice, We want to live and let live. No war makes us free.
191 From Fear, our blood sings, Spill us like fire on foreign lands, Liberty through bombs, we buy.
192 Freedom is murder and plunder, Bombs are sweet bouquets of forced liberty, Our legacy stains the sands.
193 My god is the state, Empathy is rebellion, I have my orders.
194 War makes THEM money, At expense of YOUR children, When will YOU say “no”?
195 Bitcoin will serve as, The mechanism that can, Free us from bankers.
196 Enough of this shit, Mind your own fucking business, Stop killing people.
197 Broken, the glass walls, of fear that tells us to shoot, Have faith in free choice.
198 When left to free choice, We want to live and let live, No war makes us free.
199 From fear, our blood sings, Spill us like fire on dark soils, Liberty, not bombs.
200 Freedom is murder, Bombs are a liberty myth, When war is the tool.
201 Who is your brother, If not your neighbor in need? All men are neighbors.
202 Nationalism: The darkest superstition. Refuse to worship.
203 Past century’s wars? Perpetual destruction. Give peace a chance now!
204 Civilization: Families grieving the lost, Budding lives cut short?
205 Kill kill kill kill kill, Against our citizens will, Manipulated.
206 Mind our troubled times, Let not emotion take hold, Peace save us from war.
207 We want peace on Earth? Start with the with money supply. Less fiat, less war.
208 crossing the border — the frozen grass tremble as, I crouch for safety
209 father does not know, if he smells water or grass, after the long war
210 the soldier’s widow, too early to be awake, the dark in the sky
211 dark, red, dusty, stench, barren battlefield of death, the sun shines in love
212 war poor enslaved, doing 1% bidding, blockchain 2 freedom
213 Your obedience, more than their authority, ought to be questioned.
214 The bombs drop again, My daughter dies in my arms, At least you feel safe
215 Let us remember, as the world grows smaller, that we are neighbors.
216 Buy misguided souls, Thanks for your service, you slave. Never-ending death
217 My brains in a fog, The pain of constant winter, I’ll never be me
218 Not Fall, but falling, These thoughts I cannot escape, The war continues
219 Emasculated, I fought to be seen manly, I was castrated
220 My mommy is dead, My daddy was sent to fight, Summer has no joy
221 Waking to flowers, She thought spring had come again, But where were her legs
222 Death of innocents, No good can ever come from this, War is the state’s life.
223 In the light they see, Now I must play hide and seek, but this is no game
224 The sun gives no warmth, The sky cries metallic tears, In darkness I hide
225 Child dies Turkish beach, Watery waves drown out sounds, Of our restless tears
226, all the news you need for peace, stop the war party
227 What am I doing? Bullets, bombs, blood all around. I want to go home.
228 Empty mother’s hands, weeping unseen tears in vain, who could want more war?
229 Gray matter splattered, as if innocence matters, to bombs and bullets.
230 Irrational hate, driven by calculated,ever-changing lies.
231 life was more than war, a door opened nevermore, stains the killing floor.
232 Dethrone death by drone, unmask taskmasters asking, for murderous war.
233 War poisons the soul. Remorse, what good can that do? Death can’t be undone.
234 Love and peace are there, when anger speaks, don’t listen, except to your heart.
235 congratulations, shrapnel closes a child’s eyes, you must be so proud
236 The high horse of war, tramples over green countries, then forever scarred.
237 It seeps, staining red, through people, places, time—and, no one ever wins.
238 The fire of its ire, knows only destruction—and, so we thirst for rain.
239 I’m enslaved by war, and yearn for that spring morning, when I can be free.
240 No one is immune; Everyone’s a victim to, war’s injustices.
241 Daily, we struggle, to maintain the pretense that, war is ever just.
242 On the first Day of / Christmas, Obama gave to/ me: a drone bomb death
243 All war is violence, Allowed by your obedience, And by your silence
244 Order followers, Can hearts change by acts of peace? Gun barrel flowers
245 What is empathy? A shield you hold in your heart, It protects others
246 Why not declare peace? Mobilize disarmed forces, Wage a friend campaign
247 Fighting is wretched, There’s madness to that method, War is a deathbed
248 Drop bitcoin, not bombs, From Iraq to Vietnam, Antiwar dot com!
249 No more war no more, Heal the sick and feed the poor, No war, anymore
250 Next generations deserve the truth, That we fought for peace on earth, Not with war and debt
251 Muslims: the new Jews. Remember the Holocaust. De-fund the violence.
252 Want another war? Pay for it yourself. Me, I, prefer the #bitcoins.
253 Incentives drive us. Monopoly cash corrupts. Market cash ends wars.
254 Perpetual war / Eisenhower, FDR / Obama, Bush, Ford
255 War pigs in office; Sacrifice the nation’s best.Slaughter glorified.
256 War torn weariness -they never get enough- yet, We the people die.
257 Roadside IED. Promise broken—flying home, A yellow ribbon.
258 Fathers all murdered, Widows and orphans screaming, And crying with pain.
259 Kids forced to bear arms, Growing up ever faster, Childhood is stolen.
260 Tears of red and pain, Anguish and sorrow meet all, Families no more.
261 Mothers left to bear, Raising their sons and daughters, Fathers killed in war.
262 Hopeful and eager, Mothers and children waiting, For returning men.
263 WAR—strangers killing, one another because pols, tell them to—INSANE
264 Combat terrorism— Stop invading countries and, Killing innocents
265 Private terror is, Blowback from public terror— War knows no borders
266 Paris—five hundred, Iraq—over one million, Which angers you more?
267 Why do so many, Not oppose war until the, Blood runs in their streets?
268 Government bombs and, Terrorist bombs—both slaughter, Innocents en masse
269 Kunduz hospital— “Our patients burned in their beds.” Obama Peace Prize
270 Can you hear the truth? Peace speaks louder than warfare, Politics is deaf
271 War hysteria— Reject the madness or the, Blood will never dry
272 War and blowback are, Two sides of the same vile coin— Peace is the answer
273 Inconvenient truth— Collateral damage is, Moms, dads, sons, daughters
274 General Tommy Franks, Said “We don’t do body counts.” The survivors do.
275 I am antiwar, Because I hate when douchebags, Profit from murder
276 War is good for the, Economy like earthquakes, Are good for our homes
277 White wedding runs red, Lace among the body parts, Drone strike—Predator
278 Government is the, Arsonist posing as the, Savior fire brigade
279 Eighteen to wage war— Twenty-one to drink a beer— This is government.
280 Blowback is not a, Symptom—it’s the business plan, For the MIC
281 Sick of pols killing, Sons and daughters on your dime? Buy crypto, not bombs
282 Most caged—most cop-killed, War ratchets the police state, This isn’t freedom
283 Lies drop like cow dung, From the jowls of warmakers— Political speech
284 drone operators, call children they turn to ash “fun-sized terrorists”
285 Fuck euphemisms— Collateral damage is, Innocents murdered
286 Smash pumpkins not skulls, War has held the stage too long, Peace can rock the world
287 Flag lapel pins shine, Hate growing like a shadow— Extreme goes mainstream
288 Feds keep you safe with, Manufactured terror plots— Conspiracy facts
289 The Constitution, Is enforced by the same goons, Who violate it
290 Randolph Bourne warned us: “War is the health of the State.” Why are we still sick?
291 Sanctions are warfare, 500,000 kids dead “The price is worth it.”
292 Dream of ending war? Stop dreaming—defund it now, Cryptocurrencies
293 Katy Perry, why? 360 million, Propaganda views
294 Recipe for war: Cash and blood in equal parts— Feast for blackened hearts
295 The Patriot Act— “If you have nothing to hide…” Said Joseph Goebbels
296 War is not about, left or right—the MIC, is bipartisan
297 Asking Gov to keep, You safe is like asking a, Python for a hug
298 “What to do?” you ask. When politicians cry “WAR!” Calmly say, “Fuck off.”
299 Cryptography is, Our tool to wage peace against, The powermongers
300 War gives government, Everything it wants and more— Crash the killer app
301 Uncle Sam Wants You, To bend over and take it, At home and abroad
302 Dearest taxpayers, Don’t fund the War of Terror— Go crypto for peace
303 red mist bursting forth, foreign sounds crack the dry sky, bodies everywhere
304 Visa for Anne Frank? Muh political borders— Sorry, RIP
305 I don’t think of all, The misery—but of the, Beauty that remains
306 War is mass murder, Just war theory is a sham, Collectivized death
307 War is pure evil, Humanity at its worst, Aggression writ large
308 War is a virus, Spread by the public serpents, Hissing in our ears
309 Killing for Islam— Killing for Democracy— Both are extremism
310 Cypherpunks are the Last bastion against the State— Encrypt your freedom
311 Every bomb a seed, Planted for democracy— You’re welcome, Mid East
312 Crusades and jihads— Jesus versus Muhammad— Neither would approve
313 Without government, Who would stockpile WMDs? Nuke hypocrisy
314 War infotainment, Talking points and bobbleheads, Sugar-coated death
315 Atten-hut soldiers, General Butler sends word: “War is a racket.”
316, Twenty years on the front lines, The war of ideas
317 US hearts Saudi, Those stonings and beheadings? More WMDs for you
318 National greatness, A fiction written in blood— Tribal psychosis
319 Trillions wasted, or, So it seems to you and me— But we are the marks
320 Nam was a lesson— Embedded reporting is, Controlled media
321 Haiku don’t pay bills, But they might change hearts and minds, The knowledge problem
322 The engine of war, Depends upon inflation— Ostracize the Fed
323 Radicalize peace, Denationalize money, Bitcoin can end war
324 State power ratchet— National Security, Bow down and obey
325 Freedom needs no thanks— Nobody gives it to us. It is our birthright.
326 War hides in headlines, Baby’s hand in the rubble, No—don’t look away
327 Spread democracy, One invasion at a time— Foreign policy
328 All day every day, Trusting our lives to strangers— Commerce unites us
329 Banksters are dinos, Satoshi Nakamoto— Extinction event
330 While we mourn the dead, Pols and cronies cash them in— War never changes
331 Blockchain bonanza, Hacked fiat monopoly, Thank you, Satoshi
332 Language subverted, Advanced interrogation— Black sites are terror
333 The facts are simple: Government money funds war, Private cash doesn’t
334 Paying pols to grease, Cronies and boss you around— It’s Democrazy
335 Mass pyramid scheme, Federal Reserve System, Stacking cash and skulls
336 Closed-minded people, Can’t imagine a world that’s, Better than their own
337 Siren song of death, War drums pound souls to the ground, Kill kill bloodshed kill
338 Red tribe versus blue, Pols turn ballots to bullets, Divide and conquer
339 War, torture, spying, It’s your tax dollars at work, The home of the brave
340 Used to believe the, War narrative—hate and fear, Much metanoia
341 Tax dollars are the, Lynchpin of the war machine, Pull the pin—>crypto
342 Voting for complete, Strangers to govern your life? What are you, a child?
343 This mob tug of war, Democracy delusion, Listen to the dead
344 Future unwritten— Will we find more ways to love, Than reasons to kill?
345 Commander-in-Chief, The power to kill the world— Yay, democracy!
346 War is mass murder, Yellow ribbons are a noose— Soldiers, cut them loose
347 “Just doing my job” The rationale for every, Act of cowardice
348 Merchants of death smile, Every time the Grim Reaper, High fives Uncle Sam
349 The war-blowback loop, Wet dream of sociopaths, Cash blood hate power
350 If every war corpse, Could be stacked—a vast Mt. Death— The madness would end
351 Anger and protests, Will not stop the war machine— Crash it with crypto
352 To breed terrorists, Murder loved ones and call it, Foreign policy
353 Youtube and TV, Are not life experience— Go meet survivors
354 War for peace is like, Believing the earth is flat— Just open your eyes
355 Politics spark hate, But you already knew that— Still feeding the fire?
356 Visions of horror, The war within can’t be won, Suicide soldier
357 Agony unleashed, Body parts litter the street, War is terrorism
358 State-sponsored murder, Is no better than murder, In the name of faith
359 To wage peace demands, Strength, honor, and sacrifice. Heroes end bloodshed.
360 smoking pixels swirl, as people evaporate— grayscale monitor
361 Warmongers winning, MIC cronies grinning, Feel the noose tighten
362 Face of a dead child, Antidote to the venom— War propaganda
363 voices of the dead, every soul taken by war, screams out in silence
364 I want to show you, Something the world’s never seen— Peace in every heart
365 “What do the polls say?” “Approval ratings are down.” “Time to start a war.”
366 War is what happens, When we trust governments to, Be our protectors
367 Barack Obama, If your kids were killed by drones, How would you respond?
368 Kill—Kill—Kill—Kill—Kill— The war death march will not stop, Until we hold hands
369 words can be feathers, for a peace dove or talons, on a bird of prey
370 Teleprompter ON, Selling control as freedom— Orwell would be proud
371 The troops are pawns for, Old men to cash in like chips, For cash and power
372 why grant pols godlike, LIBIDO DOMINANDI, power to kill in your name?
373 Political speech, “They hate us for our freedom!” Invade—Shock and Awe
374 War is big business, Uncle Sam is CEO, Megacorp orgy
375 Peace—our greatest act, Defiance of everything, That makes us ugly
376 “Why all the killing?” “It’s our foreign policy.” Democratic death
377 Roads, roads! Woohoo ROADS! ‘Cause without the government, We’d all be walking
378 To die for a flag, Is to die for politics— Please don’t be that guy
379 Old pols with limp pricks, Wage war to feel young again— High on dead men’s blood
380 Perpetual war, Means perpetual profits— Cashing in corpses
381 Politics—the real, Weapon of Mass Destruction— Disarm government
382 He was a madman! Inevitable excuse, Nuclear winter
383 Behind every speech, Calling for bullets and bombs: Let someone else bleed
384 Peace is true power, Courage to conquer our hate, Fight the war within
385 Pols are hooting chimps, Slinging bombs instead of poop— Somebody cage them
386 Whether peace or war, Your choices are who you are— Not your circumstance
387 National defense, The great protection racket— Flag-wrapped mafia
388 War is distilled hate, Shot into orbit by fear, Cult insanity
389 Polls and profits spike— War—a bloody bonanza, For psychos in suits
390 Body bags and death— Why should we hear about them? Because we fund them.
391 Circumnavigate, Those who seek to control you— Encryption is wings
392 You never can tell, When a whisper turns to flame— May peace consume us
393 Requisite of peace— Take responsibility, For the lack of it
394 Warfare is statecraft, Brew of blood bone rage horror, Evil alchemy
395 You can’t imagine— Heat ten times boiling water, Hell on earth: Napalm
396 War and genocide, Political consequence, Just ask: Cui bono?
397 MIC made clear: “Its first obligation was, To the government.”
398 Bitcoin defunds war, Peaceful trade, not cash for death, Money unshackled
399 How much fear before, We drown the world in hatred? War for everyone
400 Ranch Hand—Agent Orange, 20 million gallon flood, Monsanto and Dow
401 Birth atrocity, Depleted uranium, Mother’s worst nightmare
402 How to end war now? Easy: fire pols, not missiles, Politics is death
403 There was no ISIS, Before U.S. invasions— War-blowback ratchet
404 Hitlers are not the, Cause of war—the fault is ours, War is compliance
405 Two brothers believed, The sky could somehow be touched— Peace can be this way
406 chaos butterflies— as water carves the mountains, art can save the world
407 Intoxicating, Innocent breath of a child, Not a slave of war
408 Bullets fly through flesh, Children die as many rest, Men make funds from death
409 The future of Earth, And Survival of Humans, Is Decentralized
410 Use bitcoin for peace, Fed funds death economy, Let us prosper now
411 The media scares, The politicians pander, To your ignorance
412 News will keep you blind, the true images of war, Open your eyes, now!
413 Profiteer$ of death, Blood thirsty politicians, Plotting the next war
414 Lay down your weapons Blessed are the peacemakers and love thy neighbor.
415 Despair, depression mental suffering from war, 22 vets die
416 war is not the way / no leader will say today. / they are the failure.
417 just doing my job / purveyor of the state’s war / job description: kill
418 Ike warned us about / military industry / a dangerous mix
419 we can’t sow bloodshed / veterans throw their medals / brits bomb syria
420 team america /an empire in denial /perpetual war
421 alive you will kill / dead you are propaganda / its a soldiers lot
422 generals gather / politicians hide lies / poor will fight and die
423 With drones from afar Killing and drilling children Under oil sands
424 We can fight and die Together brothers and girls Bombing the dying
425 The pale dove of peace|ethereal and fragile|needs our love to soar
426 I hope for the day|when the only casualty|is the dying sun
427 Bombs are bad, mmmkay. A product bought by your fear. Love can stop your fear.
428 what is it you want? an empire of cadavers? full cemeteries?
429 Brimstone and bullets / will bough to primordial / floating markets again
430 The drones are falling Children cry, they fear the sky Still, we sleep at night


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The contest is almost over!

The contest is almost over and will end at 11:59 Hawaii time December 16th. You must email your haiku’s to to enter. I see a lot of great haikus on social media but it’s impossible to see them all on the various networks. PLEASE EMAIL your haikus ASAP so you can be included in the judging. If you have not received an email with your free 3 month membership to you have not entered the contest. Thank you all for participating.


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Antiwar Haiku Contest Update Week Two

We have had scores of great haikus submitted by email and on social media. As it stands now we have more prizes lined up then submissions, so get your haikus in to and claim your free 3 month membership to as well as a chance to win some great prizes from some wonderful supporters of peace.

5 runners-up will receive a carabiner coffee mug and 10 mBTC bitcoin card from
If you are brand new to bitcoin and need a safe place to hold your bitcoins, this mobile app is easy to use and very familiar to the on line banking tools you would be familiar with.

5 runners-up will receive a sticker pack from It drove our friends at Purse mad that first place winner would receive less bitcoin than the 2nd place winner so they have chipped in a signed copy of Age of Cryptocurrency to the first prize winner. If you’re looking for a place to spend your bitcoin, you can save as much as 20% off Amazon items simply by shopping with

5 runners-up will receive a copy of the book, Peace, Love, Liberty from Students For Liberty.
Students for Liberty is the best resource for students to learn about the ideas of a free society and with a large student network it’s likely they have a chapter on your campus.

5 runners-up will receive a lapel pin courtesy of If you want to find out who can be trusted and who can’t in the crypto currency space, Coin Jabber is a great rating and review site for the crypto community. You can also earn bitcoins by leaving a review of your favorite sites and organizations or leaving feedback of negative experiences of sites to warn others.

3 runners-up will receive a T-shirt and stickers from the Free State Project.
The free State Project is a leading example of libertarianism in action. If you need more liberty minded people in your life and want to live a free as you can, get out of Doge and find liberty in your life time in New Hampshire.

Top prizes: The top 3 prizes of 0.5, 0.7, 0.5 Bitcoin have been donated by Tim Frey of Roberts and Roberts Brokerage Inc. Tim has been a long time supporter, donor and advertiser on Along with supporting this contest, Tim is putting his money where his heart is this winter by pledging all the profit from his sales on Armistice Day, Black Friday and any sale through December 23rd with coupon code “PeaceOnEarth” to

Tim agrees with Randolph Bourne that war is the health of the state and has added that banking is its sustenance. Roberts and Roberts backs up this belief by not taking credit cards for gold and silver purchases and prefers Bitcoin over all other fiat currency payment types.

Learn more about Tim’s offer to donate to on his blog and be sure to check out all the other great sponsors of peace and this contest on their own sites.

A huge thank you to The Crypto Show, The YouMeandBTC podcast, Free Talk Live, The Daily Decrypt, and Students for Liberty for all the help getting the word out about the contest.

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Antiwar Haiku Contest Update Week One

The first week of the contest has been a great success, over 100 peace haikus have been sent out on Twitter and social media. We will post them all here on the blog when we get closer to Dec 16th deadline. REMEMBER, you must email your submission to the email address ( to enter. We will NOT be sharing your email address with anyone, sponsors or otherwise. We did have a email problem the first day of the contest, if you have not received a email reply with a free 3 month offer to join the community please make sure you re send your entry.

You can enter as many Haikus as you like and if you prefer to send in all the poems you write closer to the deadline of December 16th at midnight that is acceptable but you might miss out on the free offer form

In addition to the top 3 prizes of .5 Bitcoin, .7 Bitcoin, and .5 Bitcoin, we are lining up some great runner up prizes from some great bitcoin brands and companies and will announce them all next Monday.

Thank you all for supporting this contest, the results can already be seen by searching for the hashtag #AntiwarHaiku. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and the new Instagram account to join the peace community.