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I’m already against the next war

Shoot first and ask questions later.
It seems that the Land of the Free has retooled its foreign policy to mirror this B-movie dialogue. Perhaps this is an expected outcome after decades of standoff with the USSR and the ever escalating war technology. During the cold war, the visible antiwar movement lost its momentum. The U.S. was building the bombs but it wasn’t dropping them on anyone. The war technology kept ramping up as a “deterrent” and we learned that, as treaties increasingly called on the U.S. to be the defender of allies and the police force in “problem” places in the world, the U.S. could stand on the neck of almost anyone and bring them into submission. This isn’t right or righteous, this is tyranny.

You reap what you sow.
20 years ago, a small group of people recognized this growing post cold war pattern. was born to collect and curate news and information that exposed this growing predilection for U.S. aggressive action in foreign land. Today we are harvesting the bitter fruit of this policy with increased terrorism, suitcase bombs, increased paranoia and burdensome security measures, loss of privacy, warrantless phone taps and other infringements of our rights here at home.

I’m Already Against the Next War
Right now, is sounding an urgent call to action. Foreign activity is high and we don’t see an outcome where any new President will alter the current course. We need a loud and persistent voice that says, “I’m Already Against the Next War”. A few weeks ago, launched a brand new activity site: Here you can find tools and techniques for being a part of that persistent voice. You can join their social media Thunderclap, download free social media images and get great premium gifts for your financial pledge. is a very lean organization and relies on contributions from readers and supporters to fund their original journalism and commentary and now the activity site. Even a $20 donation is much appreciated and earns you a limited edition red poppy pin.

The days of large peaceful sit-ins are gone. Now we can express our protest in a different way. After less than a month, the thunderclap has already achieved over 500,000 in reach. Let’s reach millions while sending a strong message to the President- “I’m Already Against the Next War”. Please visit and join the free Thunderclap and consider a poppy pin or pledge a different amount so can continue its efforts.

The bipartisan consensus for reckless and dangerous foreign policy requires constant alertness.’s original content coupled with links to the best foreign policy writings around the world provides a one-stop site for keeping abreast of the violent inhumane policies which endanger the very principles upon which the United States was founded. Please donate today so they can continue to deliver the most comprehensive news and opinions that track the latest moves of the War Party.

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Bitcoin Not Bombs 2013 year in review podcast

Recently the BNB team got together to produce a Podcast for the open call. It’s likely we wont make the top 4 out of the incredible talented folks who also sent in a pilot shows so I thought I would post the audio here. The concept behind our production was a year in review/holiday special. Enjoy and have a happy new year!

Update: January 2nd, Our Podcast was added to the Lets Talk Bitcoin contest page and you can now vote for our show or any of the 16 other great podcast. See below for instructions. Note: The audio below is the original file intended for the contest but was altered for to skirt the intellectual property rights of Weird Al Yankovic.

BitcoinNotBombs 2013 Year in Revie

We need your support to win! The winner will be determined by how many 0.0001 BTC donations are receive to the following address. In an update in the comments section of the LTB contest page a 0.001 BTC tip would count as 10 votes, so giving more can help us win, but I don’t mind doing this the hard way, we have a lot of supporters 😉

To help us out, do one or all of the following:

1. Listen to the podcast above.
2. Donate 0.0001 bitcoin to the following address: 13jFhJqxuBudvuChfyiqTM7FrQEzAuaNzs (click for QR code)
3. Share this blog post with your friends!


For a more complete year in review, check out this website some guy named Satoshi Nakamoto sent me today.


My name is Satoshi Nakamoto and I am the webmaster at

I created to track the evolution of Bitcoin and to provide an illustrated overview of everything that has happened in the world of Bitcoin since I put that shit on the map.

I think your readers would absolutely love this and I know it would absolutely bring in traffic. Take a look and judge for yourself. It’s material for a great “end of the year” post.= )

Please let me know if you would be interested in featuring the site in a story or even giving it a passing mention.


Mr. Nakamoto

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Stop Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes Out… #Bitcoin

Question: you know Vader dies in the movie, right?

Stop Wars episode V: The Empire Strikes Out… #Bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto on Vimeo.

I like the concept, but the mid-section at the NH Liberty Fest or whatever with Vader actually felt…kind of silly. I know there was supposed to be humor there — the IRS isn’t evil, it’s just a pencil-necked bureaucrat pushing paper (a la “Eichmann in Jersualem” by Hannah Arendt) — but this was almost cartoonish in comparison to the really great opening credits / setup. Still, LOVE the “Stop Wars” and “Agora Valley” and so forth — there’s only two things guaranteed in this world, my friend: death stars and taxes. ~ US tax payer.

Bitcoin Not Bombs is a launching pad for NGOs and social entrepreneurs who wish to enter into the financial freedom of the Bitcoin economy. Above all we are marketing agents for Agorism and Liberty, We promote free markets and a voluntary society. We gladly accept general donations to work towards those ends. We would also be happy to accept silver and gold but we prefer that you don’t send US War Dollars, Thanks!

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Bitcoin Not Bombs Press Announcement 5-14-13

Bitcoin Not Bombs


For immediate release: 5/14/13

Media Contact: Davi Barker

Campaign Navigator | 408.718.0148

Non­profits speaking at Bitcoin conference

Representatives from Fr33 Aid, Anti War and the Free State Project will be hosting a panel discussion on the advantages of Bitcoin to non­profit organizations at this years Bitcoin 2013 Conference.

(San Jose, CA) – On Sunday, May 19, 2013 at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference Teresa Warmke from Fr33 Aid, Angela Keaton from Anti War and Carla Gericke from the Free State Project will be discussing how the world’s most popular virtual currency can be used for banking and fundraising by non­profits and how non-­profits help build the Bitcoin economy. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Stephanie Murphy from the Porc Therapy Show.

Representatives of all three organizations, along with volunteers from Bitcoin Not Bombs will be available at Booth #15 in the exhibitors hall for the duration of the conference. In addition, the limited edition Bitcoin Not Bombs t­shirts will be for sale, along with a variety of other cool promotional items, with the proceeds going to these three outstanding liberty organizations.


Friday, May 17th ­ Sunday, May 19th


San Jose Convention Center 150 W San Carlos St San Jose, CA 95113

About Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system. Whereas legacy payment systems rely on third-party intermediaries, Bitcoin transactions are secured through a distributed computing network, seamlessly enabling direct monetary transactions. The supply of Bitcoins is regulated by software and cannot be manipulated by any government, bank, organization or individual.

About Bitcoin 2013: The Bitcoin Foundation is hosting the first major US summit, with a full schedule of panels, presenters, and speakers, dedicated entirely on Bitcoin. The conference will be hosting industry leading venture capitalists, key technologists, and top-tier regulatory thinkers to discuss topics including “Improving Ease of Use,” “Bitcoin Security,” and “Fraud Prevention.”

About Fr33 Aid:  Fr33 Aid is an all-volunteer, international non-profit organization of medically skilled liberty lovers created to help individuals organize projects that educate people about the value of mutual aid. Their main activity involves supporting volunteers who provide medical and educational services at liberty-related events.

About Anti War: Anti War is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” independents, and many on the right who oppose imperialism.

About Free State Project: The Free State Project is an agreement among 20,000 pro-liberty activists to move to New Hampshire, where they will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property.

About Bitcoin Not Bombs: Bitcoin Not Bombs is a launching pad for NGOs and social entrepreneurs into the financial freedom of the Bitcoin economy, offering premium publicity campaigns designed to facilitate an organization’s adoption of Bitcoin as a payment system, and to fully capitalize on that decision in their fundraising efforts. Bitcoin Not Bombs is fully committed to being the hub of the non-profit sector of the Bitcoin economy, maximizing the potential cross promotion off all our clients and commercial partners.

– END –


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Bitcoin Not Bombs – Porc Therapy bonus show!

BitcoinNotBombs campaign navigator Davi Barker sits down with radio host Stephanie Murphy and talks about the launch of Bitcoin Not Bombs, our fundraiser benefiting the 3 organizations and the panel talk that will take place at Bitcoin2013: the future of payments in San Jose.

In addition to hosting her own show Porc Therapy, Dr. Stephanie Murphy is a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio program FreeTalkLive and is a co-host of the new Bitcoin related podcast Lets Talk Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Not Bombs T-Shirts pre-sales in full swing

After a few snags with the various payment processing tools we are using our Store is online and taking pre-sale orderes of the Bitcoin Not Bombs “Bomber” and “Word Cloud” designs. Along with standerd  men’s sized shirts we are offering a woman’s shirt with the word cloud design in both Orange and Black from S-XXL.


In addition to sharing our Facebook page with your friends and following us on twitter, you can download the BNB_Banner_ads and add them to your website if you would like to help this project get off the ground.