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First Letter of Reprisal

Tsar Date 45.295.285

Throughout my life on land I was dismissed as either too masculine, or not masculine enough. I raised my black banner when I realized my advancement was unhindered by gender aboard a pirate ship. Once I took back my autonomy, I quickly realized that the injustices I’d witnessed my whole life were not issues of gender, but of dominance. Now my objective is clear; to inspire others to abandon the shackles they revere.

Landlubbers are infatuated with hierarchy. They let status and class shortcut critical thinking, and view the world through categories and collectives. But collectives are just abstractions, and only individuals actually exist. The Crown recruits and produces unscrupulous sociopathic individuals to wield its coercive power. The Crown neither recognizes nor respects the individual, which means collective torture and murder is inevitable.

The Crown presents itself as our salvation, but the use of power and privilege can only lead to bloodshed. If you have the misfortune of not fitting into the Crown’s agenda you already realize this, but you can glean it from simple observation. Chaos and catastrophe surround everything the Crown touches. The Crown only slays dragons of its own creation.

The purest manifestation of this hierarchy is war. The Crown is both the perpetrator, and beneficiary of endless conflict, so it’s locked in a cycle of brutality and blowback. Truth is the first casualty of war, and the first lie is that the opposing states are qualitatively different from each other. In reality, all who wear the Crown share more in common with each other than with those they rule. To the Crown ‘defense’ is just a euphemism for propaganda and conquest.

The Crown uses terror and slaughter to extort wealth and obedience from both sides. Then it uses our resentment, frustration and rage against it’s actions to turn us on each other. In reality the Crown owes more to the peaceful people of this world than we owe it. So, I’ll pay no deference to the Crown or it’s whip.

The struggle to free ourselves from the yoke of the Crown cannot be achieved by force. It’s time to abandon the collectivist thinking that empowers our adversary, and acknowledge the individual as something real and vital to peace. Time to refuse to contribute to these wars of aggression, and deprive the Crown of any loyalty. Time to admit the heap of innocent bodies is large enough to prove the Crown is unfit to exist.