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BREAKING: Raytheon Accepting Bitcoin

As Raytheon transitions from one CEO to another, more news has emerged about the direction former vice president Thomas A. Kennedy will take the company. With CEO William H. Swanson stepping down, Kennedy has some fresh ideas that he hopes will allow Raytheon to keep a competitive edge.

Raytheon CEO Thomas A. Kennedy
Raytheon CEO Thomas A. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy served as executive vice president and chief operating officer for Raytheon since April 2013, and during this time has increased efficiency by downsizing Raytheon businesses from six to four. He has been described by Lead Director Admiral Vern Clark as, “a proven leader with a broad understanding of key technologies, keen customer focus, and a deep understanding of Raytheon’s business.” Along with his plans to boost productivity, he is optimistic about accepting the fledgling cryptocurrency Bitcoin for their services.

Kennedy spoke at the Massachusetts headquarters about this development. “Raytheon has been proudly protecting this nation for over 91 years,” he said, “and I see no reason why broadening our scope of funding would be a bad idea. As technology improves and offers innovation in defense capabilities, it makes sense that our money should follow the same path. Raytheon has a reputation for efficiency and forward thinking and would be remiss to ignore the potential benefits of taking the Bitcoin to fund the creation of more effective defense weaponry.”

Raytheon has come under fire from activist groups for their role in supplying weapons in the ongoing War on Terror, but the fire has dwindled in recent years since the election of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama who ran on a platform committed to bringing peace to the Middle East.

While there may be debate over the nature of Raytheon’s work, Kennedy views this as a rebranding opportunity. With names like Lockheed Martin’s Hellfire or Raytheon’s Tomahawk missile, Kennedy believes the defense industry has gotten a bad rap as war profiteers.

The Tomahawk cruise missile will be renamed The Peacekeeper
The Tomahawk cruise missile will be renamed The Peacekeeper

Tomahawk is such an aggressive sounding name. We plan to rebrand the Tomahawk as the Peacekeeper. Protecting the homeland from combatants near and far is one of our dearest promises to the American people, and it must be shown that it truly is companies like Raytheon who spread and maintain peace in these war torn countries. Imagine Peacekeeper missiles—the best missile technology–targeting enemy combatants in Pakistan that were paid for by Bitcoin—one of the best payment systems. Simply beautiful.”

The international aspects of Bitcoin is also appealing to Raytheon’s new leadership. According to their site, Raytheon boasts offices in 19 countries, something Kennedy takes pride in.

“Fostering relationships with customer bases globally is something we have been concentrating on in the last few years.” Kennedy added, “Bitcoin allows us to reach them where they are and instantly. We like to say we’re a progressive thinking company, and see Bitcoin as a tool to stay up to date with international customers.”

Former CEO William Swanson was unavailable for comment at the time of this release but was quoted earlier as looking forward to a “competent continuance in Raytheon’s adept leadership.”

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