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Most Recent Inspection Proves Sean’s Outpost NOT In Violation of Codes

This week has been an interesting one for Sean’s Outpost. We celebrated our one year anniversary while at the same time learning that the Escambia Board of County Commissioners voted to petition for an injunction against Satoshi Forest that would force us to remove tents and other structures. The injunction was approved, but they will wait until the meeting with the magistrate on Tuesday before they issue it. Basically, the county wants to force homeless people off of privately owned property and back out on the streets where they can be arrested for not having a home as the camping ordinance is still in place.

They are claiming that Satoshi Forest is in violation of codes despite the fact that a health inspector and county code enforcement agent are paid every week to inspect the property. My friend and local political activist Jeremy Bosso covered the magistrate’s rulings in great detail and you can view his article here.

This is the same magistrate that county commissioners Gene Valentino, Wilson Robertson, and Grover Robinson threatened to fire and replace in this video.

We have repeatedly claimed that Satoshi Forest is abiding by all laws and Mike Kimberl shared the copy of the documents with me in our most recent interview. In their most recent inspection two days ago, it was determined by The State of Florida Department of Health County Health Department that the conditions at Satoshi Forest are satisfactory. I have been authorized by the attorney representing Sean’s Outpost to share this document as proof. Click on the link below and it leads to a clearly readable pdf that shows the county is fabricating claims of code violations against the property and Sean’s Outpost.

Satoshi Forest Inspection

Sean’s Outpost will be appearing before magistrate Janet Lander on Tuesday, March 25th at 1:30pm as she reviews the progress being made on the permitting process. If you are in Pensacola, please come out and show your support. As the county cracks down on us, the public has been vocally opposing their efforts on social media sites and local publications. They realize that this is not only a violation of private property rights but also extremely unethical.

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