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Pamela Morgan of Empowered Law and M.K. Lords discuss Blockchain Fueled Smart Law

Blockchain technology is changing the way we think of finance, payment systems, currency, charity, and even governance. Pamela Morgan runs Empowered Law, a law firm that focuses on dispute resolution and corporate contracts that takes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their services.

The legal profession is mired with classism that divides the guilty and innocent by income and there are several movements to reform the system. Pamela’s focus with her practice as a lawyer and professor is challenging laws and ideas; there can be no social justice when there are unjust laws. Whether they are laws that ruin people lives for engaging in nonviolent, victimless “crime” or they are preventing lives from being improved in the form of prohibitive business regulations, laws in this country have gotten progressively more ridiculous. The U.S. houses 25% of the world’s prison population despite making 5% of the world’s population. For a country that prides itself on its first world status, the prisons that trap these people are barbaric.

Pamela wants to change that. By decreasing the centralized state control over contracts, for example, people can more effectively come to property arrangements. She mentions the usage of multisig accounts for corporations that prevent embezzlement by executives; this is just one of many possibilities with blockchain technology in regard to corporate governance and transparency.

Blockchain technology has the potential to not just reform the current injustice system, but to replace it.

What would the world be like if we could write our own laws into a blockchain? If, instead of submitting to morally unjust laws, we designed our own legal system moderated by blockchain technology? We explore these questions in the interview below.

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