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Update on Sean’s Outpost News–County Commissioners Caught Threatening Termination

I followed up with Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost about the threat of an injunction from Escambia County Commissioners. He sat down to discuss the little he knows about the situation and elaborated on other events regarding the City of Pensacola’s role in curbing homelessness. Hint: it’s about what you would expect from a city trying to save face after being nationally known as the place who steals blankets from the homeless.

Also, we found video of the commissioners inquiring on how to replace and possibly terminate the special magistrate that ruled in our favor at the emergency hearing in January. While I am uncertain as to the legality of their conversation, I am certain that it is unethical to replace a magistrate just because she didn’t side 100% with the county. In her most recent ruling, Sean’s Outpost was permitted to allow campers to remain on the property as they went through the permitting process but had to allow (and pay for) a health inspector and county code enforcer to inspect the property weekly. While the team was disappointed, they have been compliant and the ruling was an objective middle ground with no reason to believe she favored us far more than the county. This is a segment from the longer meeting which discussed other local but unrelated issues.

I also wanted to give a special thanks to Derrick J of Peace News Now, The Angel Clark Show, and The Bitcoin Group for covering this issue on air immediately after I sent him the notice. He had me come on live to explain the news and read the previous blog post in its entirety. Derrick is an awesome person and invaluable source of breaking news that is meaningful and relevant to protecting our rights. He is always able to remain positive in the face of adversity and reminded listeners in this video of the accomplishments Sean’s Outpost achieved in the past year.

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