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Bitcoin Black Friday a huge success for Bitcoin Not Bomb$

The biggest shopping day of the year was a huge victory for bitcoiners and is proving that this new currency is approaching mass adoption. The website reported over 500 websites that offered one day deals in bitcoin and from the looks of it people responded with purchases of all kinds of cool things for bitcoin. We got in on the action and was listed with other great charities such as, Fr33Aid, the BitGive Foundation along with several other organizations collecting donations or offering a part of sales to aid in relief efforts in the Philippines.

Bitcoin not Bombs is wrapping up our #HoodieTheHomeless campaign and is offering free international shipping along with some other fun items in our shop. We are still accepting orders for our Bitcoin Not Bomb t-shirts and hoodies and have extended our Black Friday deal until the end of Cyber Monday (Now called #CryptoMonday). You can still order a shirt or hoodie for your self and help someone in need this winter. Read more about our Hoodie the Homeless project here or check out this fun video produced by our friend Tom of The Bitcoin Group.

We are continuing to raise funds to buy the reaming discontinued hoodies offered to us at a discount by Mass Appeal. Prices below are set to cover the cost one for one. The hoodies that are being offered to you the public are not from the same discontinued batch and is right from the supplier. Plus size hoodies are marked higher. We are offering free international shipping in celebration of Bitcoin Black Friday and have extended that offer through Crypto Monday. The ordering process is not 100% automated and we will be contacting you and asking for your size preference.


Order a S, M, L or XL Shirt $33buy_now_large_coinbase Order a 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL Shirt $38buy_now_large_coinbase


Order a S, M, L or XL, Hoodie $50buy_now_large_coinbase Order a 2XL, 3XL, 4XL or 5XL Hoodie $55buy_now_large_coinbase

You can donate directly to this project with the bitcoin address below.

BNB Donation


From the end of our Bitcoin Starter campaign (10/10) until now we have received 0.717 BTC and will apply that to ordering more hoodies for people in need. We have full accounting of donations made to this address and thank you in advance for your anonymous support!

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The Biggest Problem with Bitcoin is Dollars

There’s been a lot of buzz around who is the first Bitcoin project to do what. So, I’d like to announce that Bitcoin Not Bombs is the world’s first official Bitcoin firsts adjudicating committee. Think of us as a kind of a Satoshi Book of World Records.

We also recently saw the State’s first so-called attack on Bitcoin.

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Fr33 Aid uses Bitcoin to avoid IRS

By Adam Kokesh | Published on Apr 17, 2013 on Adam Vs. The Man

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Bitcoin Celebrated As Way To Avoid Taxes

Bitcoin Value Soars And Dropsby Eleazar David Melendez | Posted: 04/16/2013 at The Huffington Post

It’s 364 days until most Americans will once again face a deadline to file their taxes, but Teresa Warmke already has a plan for Tax Day 2014: She’s going to skip the whole thing.

The treasurer of a limited liability company, Warmke has struck on what she celebrates as a novel way to avoid any audit trail — and thereby any liabilities to Uncle Sam. Goodbye American dollar, hello bitcoin.

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Fr33 Aid Abandons Non-Profit Tax Status in Favor of Bitcoin

Fr33Aid_200x200Published April 15th, 2013 at Daily Anarchist

Exciting news from the world of Bitcoin this Tax Cattle Day. Today is the day, with fear in our heart, we submit to the human farmers who fleece us under threat of violence. But today Fr33 Aid is making the courageous move of declaring their financial independence by willfully and publicly severing their ties with the IRS, forsaking all the banking privileges that entails, and announcing themselves as an entirely bitcoin based organization. As far as I know they are the first charitable organization to do this. I hope you can appreciate how radical this is.

Many organizations seek non-profit recognition from the IRS in an attempt to protect themselves from asset confiscation. In April 2012, Fr33 Aid applied for this privileged status, but since then the process has been nothing but a bureaucratic nightmare. Today Fr33 Aid announced they have abandoned their IRS application and adopted bitcoin as their primary financial instrument.

Fr33 Aid Treasurer, Teresa Warmke said:

“Now that there are ways for us to do banking without government involvement, we decided fulfilling (IRS demands) would not be a responsible way for Fr33 Aid to spend its money nor for our volunteers to spend their time.”

They determined that their attempt to comply with the IRS’s confusing demands was  not only unnecessary, but counterproductive to their mission of supporting volunteers who provide first aid and educational services at liberty-oriented events, and demonstrating the value of voluntary mutual aid. By making this bold transition into a bitcoin based organization they will be able circumvent the complex and burdensome requirements of state regulated banks, retain complete control over their assets, and focus entirely on their important mission. Teresa adds:

“It feels great to stop doing business with government agencies now!”

This as an important step toward the development of a robust non-profit sector in the bitcoin economy. Further, Fr33 Aid’s Director of Operations, Dr. Stephanie Murphy and Treasurer Teresa Warmke will participate in a panel about Bitcoin for Non-profit Organizations at the Bitcoin 2013 conference in San Jose, CA next month. They will be joined by Angela Keaton of and Carla Gericke of the Free State Project.

Fr33 Aid is keeping their current bank account in order to accept dollar donations via check, credit card, PayPal and Dwolla, but the account will be kept as empty as possible to minimize the risk of either bank or government confiscation in the future. Teresa says:

“We don’t consider any of these payment methods as trustworthy as direct bitcoin donations. In the future, any donations we receive via traditional banking methods will be converted to bitcoin in a timely manner.”

Fr33 Aid is still committed to the level of transparency that the state requires from recognized non-profit organizations. They publish an annual report on their site with at least as much information as is normally disclosed on IRS Form 990.

You can send Fr33 Aid bitcoin donations to: 1Fr33Aidr4gokeCcHHxbnDi8vasKHEaRUm