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Social media giveaway #WhyIamAntiwar

Leading up to Armistice day held a social media giveaway on twitter and Instagram. The rules where simple. Post or tweet a short message of peace with the hashtag #WhyIamAntiwar and that was it. We had a number of great post and it was wonderful to see so many people participate, below are the winners of a few Peace now shirts and Red Poppy lapel pins from and some crypto currency stickers from

Instagram user @metalhedrey

Governments send young men and women to fight for them, to fight for their greed. Your sons, daughters, cousins, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers sacrificed for what? For freedom? For security? So you can wait hours at some bearucratic office just to have your assets taken away but hey at least we’re not being bombed! We’re doing the bombing and that’s creating nothing but resentment towards us from around the world! They also dream up boogeymen and imminent threats to national security all while indiscriminately taking innocent civilian lives around the world. All with our hard earned money via tax dollars. I love my fellow countrymen deeply because we’re all being used but I also love the rest of mankind. That is why I feel this way. That is why my heart beats the way it does. That is #WhyIamAntiWar!

Instagram user @anarchypie

War as policy leaves us all scarred and broken, unable to heal.


Thank you to everyone who participated, you don’t need to stop posting about #WhyIamAntiwar just because we don’t have a current giveaway or contest. Please follow @antiwarcom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we also have a new Facebook group (Search if you would like to share your thoughts and get involved in the conversations, join us in that group here.

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