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Google #DontExposeEvil – Pro Peace Meme contest

Just two days ago Google suspended’s Adsense account after citing a violation of its violence policy. The violation was from a non-functioning advertisement code embedded in a 11 year old blog post showing photos of torture and abuse from the Abu Ghraib military prison in Iraq. In a post yesterday from, Google admitted to acting hastily by not providing a 72 hour warning of the violation. The email from the Google representative went on to indicate that the response from the Antiwar community was loud and heard by Google staff but that they still preferred to communicate via snail mail (what, no faith in your own products?). has no plans to remove the images from its site and even after Google’s attempted apology, Antiwar is unsure if they will restore their service or move on to other offers.

In the case of the photos in question, it was important that the public got a chance to see the horrific torture this government is capable of in the name of “freedom”. But they are really grotesque photos and instead of highlighting the ugliness of war, we here at Bitcoin Not Bombs would like to encourage a more pro-peace response to Google’s shenanigans and are now launching a #DontExposeEvil image contest.


Friday March 20th marks the anniversary of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003 and for the next 31 day we are accepting pro-peace memes and images highlighting an end to illegal occupations and US imperialism. The contest is open to anyone who thinks they can best capture a pro peace message as an internet meme. The deadline for submissions is midnight (EST) April 20th, 2015 and the images will be judged by Antiwar staff with input from the contest sponsors and Bitcoin Not Bombs. Feel free to include this campaign’s hash tag #DontExposeEvil and’s bitcoin QR code but they are NOT required. All that we ask is that you aim to send as positive a message as you can. Please send your entry to “DontExposeEvil (at) Bitcoin Not Bombs (dot) com”

1st place: 1 bitcoin from

2nd place: 10 oz silver bar or bitcoin equivalent from Roberts and Roberts Brokerage inc. Tim Frey

3rd place: 5 1 oz FreedomsPhoenix rounds or bitcoin equivalent from Ernest Hancock

Runner-ups: Top 5 will receive 0.1 Bitcoin. Judged by the You Me and BTC Podcast team.

9th and 10th place: Free T-Shirt from

All winners will receive a free membership sign up code from

Note: You may enter as many memes as you can come up with. Please include a link to your blog or social media profiles if you wish. The deadline is 4/20/15 at midnight EST. Send your entry to “DontExposeEvil (at) Bitcoin Not Bombs (dot) com”

All entry’s will be uploaded to our instagram account:

Would you like to contribute to the prize pool or make a donation to and be recognized? Please contact us.

If you’re just not the artist type you can support this effort by sharing the images and blog posts with your friends and family or donate directly to with the QR code below.