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World’s First! Russian watch manufacturer to accept Bitcoin


Bitcoin Not Bombs, in our role as the world’s first Bitcoin firsts adjudication committee, takes upon ourselves to let you know when milestones are achieved in the Bitcoin economy. Well now the Russian watch factory, Raketa, is claiming to be the first watch factory in the world to accept Bitcoin. Add that to the Satoshi Book Of World Records. As far as we know no one else is claiming to be the first Bitcoin watch factory, so the title goes to Raketa for now.

You can now go on their internet shop with your digital money.

“It is very easy to accept Bitcoins” says Jacques von Polier – the factory’s director, “You just put a logo on your site saying – we accept bitcoins – and that’s it. It is as simple as saying we accept cash!”. “It is surprising to be the first in the industry, knowing how simple it is!”

Now I personally won’t wear a watch until I find one I can sync with my smart phone. Bonus points if I can use a wrist watch to send and receive Bitcoin. That would really blow my hair back. But hey, I’m sure there are people who still use appendage fastened legacy time keepers. But hey, if legacy time keepers can accept Bitcoin, that’s good news for the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin by legacy currency users.

The “Petrodvorets Watch Factory – Raketa” is Russia’s oldest factory, founded in 1721 and rebranded simply “Raketa” in 1961.

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